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    22nd December 2001 - 11:16:52 AM    
14 : Cathy
if i'm not mistaken....sue tjulander's birthday falls

very close to birthday to Sue!

    25th November 2001 - 12:49:58 PM    
13 : Webmaster
Well, that didn't last long. The Garret Web site has now been delisted by the major seach engines -- probably because not enough other sites link to it, yet. If you have a Web site and can put a link to SPAM:// on it, that would help and be much appreciated.


Jerry Hollombe

    07th November 2001 - 02:26:07 AM    
12 : Webmaster
Even better news!!

The Garret Web site has been indexed by SPAM:// . Dmoz is a database of Web sites used by all the major search engines. Anyone looking for The Garret should be able to find it now, or soon.

    29th October 2001 - 01:03:00 AM    
11 : Webmaster
Good news!

The Garret Web site is now listed by Google (SPAM://, one of the most popular search engines on the Web.

I expect more search engines to pick us up in the next few weeks. That should help people find us, anyway.

    28th October 2001 - 12:50:56 AM    
10 : Debra Korb

Thanks for an interesting look back into the folk music era...I miss some of the music from those days.

Take care,

Korbie Jr.

    25th October 2001 - 07:36:15 AM    
9 : Sue Tjulander
Hi everyone! Where are all the people who already know about this web site? They should all send a message. Then again, a lot of the old Garret customers would be of such an advanced age that they don't own a computer. Lets hope it gets discovered though, Jerry has done a fantastic job of putting it together. Love, Sue

    25th October 2001 - 01:12:33 AM    
8 : cathy singleterry
don't worry jerry...

this is probably how henry ford felt when he only

sold 50 new cars; it takes a while to catch on.

    22nd October 2001 - 01:21:22 PM    
7 : Webmaster
Hi, Dave and Cathy,

Thanks for the compliments and tip re: Heidi Neprud.

Who knows? Maybe Joy will find the Web site and contact people. That sort of thing is the object of the exercise.

    21st October 2001 - 04:08:45 AM    
6 : cathy singleterry
i haven't seen joy neff for 32 years!

i did hear she was rather successful

in real estate, but that was years ago!

on another note, i think the girl in

the bonnie and clyde photo whose

identity is not known (?) might be

Heidi Neprud...a friend of Cheryl Thomas

and a classmate of mine at L.A.C.C.

just for the record!

    21st October 2001 - 01:56:06 AM    
5 : David Cramer

You've done a fantastic job here. Not only in getting your facts right but in keeping with the sprit and the tone of the times that made the Garret what it was. No annoying glaring colors or dancing cartoon charactors.



(BTW, has anybody heard from Joy lately?)

    17th October 2001 - 07:22:29 PM    
4 : Webmaster
Well, this is disappointing. Doesn't anyone have anything to say? After all this work?

    11th October 2001 - 06:28:52 AM    
3 : cathy singleterry
i just wanted to thank jerry for caring enough to

bring the garret back to life. About Bloody Time!

that's what i say...would anyone

like to chat about those times?

Best Wishes and Love to all of you 'Garret-Folk' !

    10th October 2001 - 10:40:07 PM    
2 : Gene Turnbow
Congratulations on getting this working! It's a really nice little site.

    10th October 2001 -- 9:43 p.m.    
1 : Webmaster
Hi folks! You may now feel free to talk among yourselves. Enjoy!


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