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    25th July 2002 - 04:03:32 PM    
32 : Webmaster
We apologize for the interruption of service on July 24, 2002. Gene, the sysadmin, advises me, "It turned out to be the DSL modem needing a swift kick. All is well now."

Ain't technology wonderful?

-- Jerry Hollombe, Webmaster

    03rd July 2002 - 09:50:57 PM    
31 : Steve Rubin
Go Terrea. I was a regular with a different girl every week, from 1962-1966. I stop by to say hello to you every year at the San Diego County Fair. You look terrific and I miss your music. Glad to see you and Sue are doing so well. You and the Garret were an important part of my younger years in L.A. "The First Time" never failed to blow me away.

Take Care

    02nd July 2002 - 11:04:43 PM    
30 : Jerry Yester
I've thought of you so much over the years.

The nights (and days) at the Garret seem like yesterday.

I hope you're well and happy.

Much love, Jerry

    18th June 2002 - 05:32:35 AM    
29 : Sue Tjulander
Hi Everyone. Terrea and I are slinging our famous little donuts at the Del Mar Fair, "now called The San Diego County Fair." We would love to see any of you who might be in the area. We are in the Bing Crosby Hall and are there for the next 21 days. This is our 17th year at this fair and the next one is Ventura County, July 31 thru August 11.

We are both still in the process of trying to get along without B.J. It has been a difficult adjustment. Life does go on and so do we. Love to all of you, Sue

    14th June 2002 - 05:10:50 PM    
28 : Jo Mapes
I used to have one hell of a time backing my big old Oldsmobile out of the back of your place. How are you, you grand beautiful woman. Hillary & David & Mimi have all made me a Grandmother. I'm in a Chicago suburb, but sure wish I could be there to sit and hear you sing, again.

Much love,


    22nd May 2002 - 12:15:18 PM    
27 : Sharon wEST
Cool website!

    01st May 2002 - 12:01:53 AM    
26 : Webmaster

Morrie Yess has been trying to find you. I'm e-mailing you his e-mail address and vice versa.

    30th April 2002 - 10:51:21 PM    
25 : mike kollander
hello to anyone who remembers me

    22nd March 2002 - 04:24:52 AM    
24 : David Cramer
I'm still trying to contact Joy or Judy Neff. If you know where they might be please pass on my e-mail address...



    18th March 2002 - 07:10:46 PM    
23 : Webmaster
What makes you think you'll get information about aircraft from a Web site about a coffee house?

(For the record, the Webmaster used to be an aircraft mechanic, but that was over 30 years ago and most of what he knows about them is long out of date.)

    18th March 2002 - 06:41:23 PM    
22 : andres isaza
I need information about ignition system on the aircraft turbines

    07th March 2002 - 06:30:11 PM    
21 : Webmaster
Sorry, there are no commercial CD versions of Terrea's

albums. You can often find the orignial, vinyl records

on the Web by checking rare record sellers and auction

sites (I still haven't found "Les Baxter's Balladeers,"

though). Many home computer systems are capable of burning

audio CDs, so you might be able to make your own by copying

the orignials.

    07th March 2002 - 05:57:10 PM    
20 : Kit Mulligan
I was at the Garret several times in the mid-60's and loved it. I have 2 of Terrea's records but after years of heavy play, they are very scratched. Is it possible to buy her old albums on CD's? Thanks.

    25th February 2002 - 05:38:12 PM    
19 : Webmaster
I don't know where Fran is these days, but a Web search for

her bother, Ron, turned him up as Cantor at a local synagogue.

You could try enquiring there. See:


    25th February 2002 - 03:59:40 PM    
18 : Brett Klein
Nice site! Does anyone know where Fran Fordis is these days? If so, please ask her to e-mail me! Thanks.

    11th January 2002 - 10:17:52 AM    
17 : Cathy Singleterry
I hope this will not be considered inappropriate;

here goes: BJ Moore has passed on. She was and is the most

positive person i have ever known. I'm sure that

everyone has a 'BJ story' to tell. She touched

so many lives.

Personally she gave me hope when I was a lost


She was a strong woman who valued people....

even me.

God Bless You, BJ,

now you live in our hearts.



    07th January 2002 - 04:34:49 PM    
16 : Patti Hall
Dear Terrea - Love the tape. Thanks so much. Will check out the rest of your web site. Love, Patti

    27th December 2001 - 10:09:47 AM    
15 : Hammond Guthrie
Hello - I am an author who is searching for a photo of The Fifth Estate coffeehouse and the Fred C. Dobbs in Hollywood. Per the early material in my book I would like to include both in my book of memoirs - to be released in the Autumn of 2002 by SAF Publications in London. SPAM:// Can anyone help me with this? Thanks ever so much for taking the time to reply.


Hammond Guthrie

    22nd December 2001 - 11:16:52 AM    
14 : Cathy
if i'm not mistaken....sue tjulander's birthday falls

very close to birthday to Sue!

    25th November 2001 - 12:49:58 PM    
13 : Webmaster
Well, that didn't last long. The Garret Web site has now been delisted by the major seach engines -- probably because not enough other sites link to it, yet. If you have a Web site and can put a link to SPAM:// on it, that would help and be much appreciated.


Jerry Hollombe


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