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    17th June 2020 - 06:48:48 AM    
238 : Mikl Mcgaha
I remember dating in high school (1962) my girl Bonnie. I still have a menu I snitched...drinks, pizza and sandwiches. Wanna copy? :)

    28th September 2019 - 06:14:18 PM    
237 : steve[dubbie] vaughn
TERRIA was my cousin and one of my favoite people in the whole world may her voice be heard through out heaven for ever she was special in my heart and will live forever because she can through her music good by terria dubbie

    20th September 2019 - 08:26:34 PM    
236 : Carl Totton
I was a regular at the Garrett House for years in the late 1960’s to 1970. It was the favorite hangout for myself and my friends for food, especially pizza, and beer. We never missed going for year and years. And Terea’s singing and playing was great. Never will forget the terrific fireplace!
Carl Totton, a regular

    03rd September 2019 - 09:37:54 AM    
235 : katherine bergman
hello.anyone who can remember me will remember me as cathy singleterry. now I am kate bergman (another, longer story which I am sure no one is interested in.) ok cut to the chase. I have recently acquired one of those incredible television sets which, it appears, will and can do anything.
after a few months and the inevitable boredom that comes with being able to do anything, I typed in terrea's name and voila!
I had access to her albums.
I won't go on. well after this. The emotion I felt and the remembering that occurred were....beyond words.
I guess I just wanted to touch base with Jerry (because he was there) and the rest of you who might or might not read this.
What times they were!
Thank you all of you who were there and who remember.
I will never forget.

    05th July 2019 - 02:50:31 AM    
234 : Bruce Miller
i wish i coulda been there back in the day. i am just old enough for that to have been doable had i lived in the right place.

    22nd June 2019 - 12:22:16 AM    
233 : PG, Ed Segal
I am still around and I will respond to your contact.
Let's recall the Garret times.

    29th May 2019 - 06:11:50 PM    
232 : asa baird
Does anyone remember an artist who hung out in the early 60's named Frank Taxer?

    28th May 2019 - 10:32:59 AM    
231 : Sharon M. Levy
I started going to The Garrett after I graduated high school. Terrea was an incredible performer, with an incredible voice. I was fortunate enough to take some guitar lessons from her, and will always be haunted by her version of "They Call The Wind Mariah". Rest In Peace, Terrea. You're loved, and missed!

    26th February 2019 - 03:40:48 PM    
230 : Marty Traxler
It is February 26, 2019. I am 75 years old now but can still look back and reminisce about the wonderful evenings I spent with friends sipping coffee at the Garrett and enjoying Terrea's music.

    23rd December 2018 - 08:07:31 PM    
229 : Terry Morse
We used to go to The Garrett every Saturday night in 1964-65 and listen to Terrea lea. My favorite song of hers was Mariah. My favorite drink was a Cherry Flip.

    28th April 2018 - 07:49:59 PM    
228 : simone gad
My friends and neighbors Ruth and Sandie would accompany me to The Garret in the evenings after school during weekdays. We attended Fairfax High from 1962 to 1965. I loved going there to watch Terrea Lea perform. The food was great and so were the coffees. I miss The Garret very much. It was a life-saver for me.

    27th March 2018 - 02:05:36 PM    
227 : Jonny
The Garret was the first venue I performed in outside of high school. I had no idea how singing a few original songs on that small platform would affect my life. Thanks for the memories.

    11th January 2017 - 09:59:21 PM    
226 : Donna Lafortune
Please note my change of email address, linked to my name above.

    19th October 2016 - 05:13:43 PM    
225 : Zenobia
The Garret was the first venue I performed in outside of high school. I had no idea how singing a few original songs on that small platform would affect my life. Thanks for the memories.

    24th September 2016 - 06:40:36 PM    
224 : Sue peery
I was l8 when I found the garret. Ia. 72now and still think. Of the many years I sat to hear Terra's music. Iran into Stacey at the Arabian horse club shows. Am so sorry be sue and most of all terra have passes. It. Was a sweet time in my life. And so good bye

    18th January 2016 - 04:10:39 PM    
223 : robert stacey
just an additional note to reveal something I found on the internet while searching for terrea lea. It is said in her bio and we know from our personal knowledge of her that she had a very dry and subtle sense of humour.
I laughed when I saw this listing, Nutz, Terrea Lea. This could have been her way of dealing with phone solicitors and other miscellaneous folks who sought to use up her precious time. It would have put them off when they tried to sell her something or make an unwanted pitch.
If it was Terrea, as I suspect it could have been, more power to her for inventing a way to get rid of pests who bother us by phone daily. She was a very clever lady.

    14th January 2016 - 12:44:33 PM    
222 : robert stacey
We used to go to the garret while I was a student at U.S.C., and since I stayed there to earn three degrees it was a long period.As young people we had the same concerns and adventures as many have described. It was because of the grace and friendliness of Terry and B.J. and others that we were able to find ourselves, make lifetime friends, and really enjoy our lives in Southern California.
I went to a store in long beach some time ago and Terrea's name came up in conversation, what is she doing now? I looked her up in the Vista California phonebook and called her. Although she was somewhat older than I her sweet, warm personality came through the phone just as it had at the garret many years before. We talked, she told me B.J. had died, and that she was ok. She also said a friend had made a recording of some of her best numbers on cd and I ordered one. I was so delighted that she remembered me among the many who visited the Garret. May she Rest in Peace, I've only just now discovered that she has passed. What a truly wonderful lady, we shall all miss her and her friends.

    23rd July 2015 - 01:48:58 AM    
221 : Wes Alderson
I'd like to hear from any of the old crowd who frequented the Garret. I'm back in Santa Monica, CA now, considering putting together a folk trio in the spirit of the old days. Wes. 310-452-0463.

    05th July 2015 - 05:34:12 AM    
220 : Harvey Wallace
I spent many a night during the early 60's sitting around the fireplace with John Hardy and Gary Pokras and others learning songs and playing guitar between Terrea's sets, drinking cappuccino's and going outside for a little something stronger. Great memories. Thanks for keeping the web site up.

    26th May 2015 - 02:05:22 PM    
219 : Alan Weiss
Hi Jerry!

Very long time no see, no hear. Would love to meet for lunch (on me!) and wax nostalgia. Please contact me. Would REALLY appreciate it.

all The Best to You & Your Family,
Alan Weiss


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