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    18th January 2005 - 10:19:11 PM    
78 : Cathy Singleterry

Just a long-time devotee's yearly check-in. i think my e-mail address has changed, not sure. anyway haven't read the guest book in awhile and was very happy to see that heidi neprud and cheryl thomas are still out there! Go girls!

(now if Joy Neff would write something, life would be idyllic.) Love and hugs from miserable old London....Cathy

    09th January 2005 - 08:44:44 AM    
77 : Joan Baker
It'd be fun to hear from any of you who were hanging out at the Garret when I was. Feel free to email me.

    30th November 2004 - 03:25:17 PM    
76 : Art Kunkin

This is Art Kunkin, Founding Publisher and Editor of The Los Angeles Free Press, 1964 to 2000. I used to stop by The Garret occasionally. I found your web site because I was surfing the web for The Blue Grotto Coffee House and John Hammond, who used to read Tarot Cards at the Blue Grotto.

(If anyone knows where John is now -- November 2004 -- please email me).

I think this labor of love web site is wonderful. Thank you for bringing back some good memories. Art

    29th November 2004 - 10:20:53 AM    
75 : Webmaster
We're number one!

"Terrea Lea, By Popular Demand" is currently at the top of Cafe Press' list of CDs in the Folk and Acoustic genre. We're even number two in the Rock listings because Cafe Press considers Folk to be a subgenre of Rock. Go figure.

You can help keep us there by going to SPAM:// or clicking on Record Store on the menu at left and ordering a copy. (That's very important. You should do it right now, so you don't forget.)

Thanks, everyone!

-- Jerry Hollombe, Webmaster

    24th November 2004 - 06:41:59 AM    
74 : Webmaster
Were back!

Apologies for the interruption in service and any rude messages. The kryptonians server was vandalized by hackers over the weekend and the system software had to be reinstalled and reconfigured from scratch.

All praise to our unpaid sysadmin, Gene Turnbow, for dedicating what little spare time he had to getting the Web site up and running far sooner than I had any right to expect.

Praise him with great praise!

Praise him with great praise!

Praise him with great praise!

Thanks, Gene!

-- Jerry Hollombe, Webmaster

    19th November 2004 - 02:15:58 PM    
73 : Webmaster
It's done!

After months of hope and promises, snags and frustrations, and a compromise or two, I am pleased to announce that Terrea's newest album is finally here.

"Terrea Lea, By Popular Demand," a retrospective CD of tracks from her vinyl records, is available at:


or by clicking "Record Store" on the main menu at left.


    13th October 2004 - 10:44:18 AM    

    12th October 2004 - 01:39:20 AM    
71 : Webmaster
Once again, apologies for the interruption in service. This time it wasn't our server's fault at all. Circumstances seemingly beyond everyone's control caused our domain name registration to come within an inch of expiring and a last minute glitch in the renewal process made it go inactive for a while.

It's fixed. We're back. Permanently, I hope.

Sorry about that.

-- Jerry Hollombe, Webmaster

    02nd October 2004 - 10:48:30 PM    
70 : evelyn schecter
Your name came up in family discussion tonight and I was telling my daughter how much I loved going to the Garrett and listening to your wonderful renditions of country music that I had never heard before because I had just moved to LA from N Y. My husband and I became regulars at the club. It was such fun and you were so wonderful that I still remember your singing with pleasure. A rather old fan by now with really great memories.


    22nd August 2004 - 10:06:35 PM    
69 : Webmaster
Many thanks to sysadmin Gene Turnbow for getting us back on line as quickly as he did.

To everyone else, sorry about the temporary hiatus in access. We expect smoother sailing from here on out.

-- Jerry Hollombe, Webmaster

    22nd August 2004 - 10:52:45 AM    
68 : Gene Turnbow
Whew! FINALLY got the web server back online! Sorry for the interruption in service, but server now has a connection to the internet all to itself. It should be much easier to get to the site from now on.

What a great site this is, too. Of all the web sites I host, this one is by far the most successful.

    02nd August 2004 - 12:10:41 AM    
67 : Heidi Neprud
What a blow-mind. Been on a trip down memory lane on the net and found The Garret!!!My youth just visualized before my eyes. And then going through the pics, finding the Bonny and Clyde Party, which I remember so well and even a photo of me with my good friends Cheryl Thomas and Cathy Singelterry. I couldn't believe it. Would love to get in touch with them for old times sake. Cathy has left an e-mail address that I will write to, but where is Cheryl?

For myself, I've been living and working in Germany for the past 32 years, which is more than a long time to not have been in touch with So.Cal.

Here's wishing Terrea and Co. all the best and a much overdue "Thank You" for some wonderful times way back then.

Fondest regards, Heidi

    27th July 2004 - 12:59:19 PM    
66 : Jay Greer

This is too good to be true! The very mention of "The Garret" brings back a flood of fond memories. This was where I first sang in front of a live audience. I remember Terra, BJ, Stacy and Sue well and of course, "Nino", the guy from Mexico City that charmed us all with his Mexican songs. Always wondered what happend to him? Then there was his side kick, a guy from Italy who always had some new Italian buzz word or phraze for the week. He always had two good looking girls hanging on him, while I had to put up with just one. Then there was Tony Mafia who wrote a lot of his own songs. I was a college student and fledgling night club singer. After doing gigs around town, we would all congregate at the Garret. Terra Lea made us all welcome and created a snug harbor for us Foundlings de Musica.


Jay Greer/Saloon Singer

    13th July 2004 - 01:01:44 AM    
65 : Jim Greenwell
I owned a folk music bar in Santa Barbara (Goleta) in 1965. I heard of your place a visited once. Phil Campos was there, and I hired his group (New Folk Trio) to play in S.B. It was a great weekend, and we even managed to make a few bucks. Somehow, I lost track of the group and to this day, do not know what happened to Phil. I saw some correspondence on your website that indicated he had passed away. Can you shed any light? Thanks for a trip down memory lane.

    17th April 2004 - 08:22:41 PM    
64 : Terra Lea
Hello Terrea

This is your namesake again. I wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the CD you sent me of your magnificent voice (is there a possibility that one can wear out a compact disc?)

My mother continues to hit the thrift stores for clowns for me, I'm beginning to think my clowns need a apartment of their very own. Im sorry I havent called for a bit e-mail me and Ill send you my new number and once again its a honor to have your name



    01st April 2004 - 02:29:35 AM    
63 : Cheryl Thomas
My God! What wonderful memories! The Garret will live on.

I was very touched my BJ's passing...I never knew her as well as I did Terrea or Stacey. But I do remember BJ sharing a piece of watermelon with me at curbside on June 19th one hot summers night.(I think it was a first!)

Everyone worked very hard for the revamping- it was a good time. I wish you all the best-


    13th February 2004 - 08:04:51 AM    
62 : Ceil Hojem
I'm glad to see some new messages here - and that other fans are finding this site... I'm glad you are not letting it fall off the web. I am hunting for some records, as I was foolish and didn't purchase any of the beautiful Terrea music when I lived there - after all, I only had to go there to here her live, which was the best way.... I'll check this site every so often - now that I see new names are dropping in.

    08th February 2004 - 12:21:23 AM    
61 : Richard C. Madden
Are you THE Jerry Holombe who worked at TTI or now CDC

on Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles?

If so, HELLO!

I came across your name in news group called "Callahans"

which I just started reading.

I'm retired from July 2000 but still keep in touch with several old timers at Citibank, er, Citigroup.

Respond if you have the time!

Regards, Dick madden.

    05th January 2004 - 08:40:44 PM    
60 : mary lou green
what a terrific suprise to find this website on the Garret. Have spent the last hour browsing and reading and it's really a trip back. Having met Britt when I was only seventeen I had to wait until eighteen to start work at the Garret. Having spent many years both working and frequenting the Garret I have many, many fond memories. I was so sorry to learn of B.J.'s passing. Terrea and Sue, would love to hear from you. MaryLou

    16th December 2003 - 04:36:25 PM    
59 : Terrea and Sue
Hi! We would like to wish everyone a great holiday season and a Happy New Year to all of you! Wish more people would visit the site and say hello. Jerry has done such a terrific job so we would love to have more people enjoy the fruit of his labors. Love, Terrea and Sue


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