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One of the neat things about owning your own nightclub is having a great place to throw parties for your family and friends. The year was 1968 and June was the month of Terrea's and B.J.'s birthdays. Bonnie and Clyde was the big hit movie of the previous year and provided the theme for a birthday celebration. Below are some snapshots of the day's festivities.

The Birthday Girls,
B.J. and Terrea

B.J. and Terrea
Sue Tjulander

Sue Tjulander
as Bonnie

Stacey Lubell
as Clyde

Behind the bar by the back door.
Stacey Lubell
Britt Spurgeon

Britt Spurgeon
as a country cousin

Women visible left and right:
Duana and Mary Kathryn.
Not shown:
Britt's moonshine jug filled with
100 proof vodka.

Zena Spurgeon,
B.J.'s mother, in green

Visible upper left:
Liz Burkhart and Jerry Hollombe.
Lower right: Mary Daschiel and kid.
Zena Spurgeon

Terrea's mother

Standing in the kitchen door,
corkscrew raised on high.

Birthday Presents
piled on the stage

The Tiki is carved out of a solid palm tree trunk,
but that's another story.
Stage and Tiki
Birthday Card

A Birthday Card

Left to right:
Cheryl Thomas, Marilyn Noyes,
Cathy Singleterry and Heidi Neprud(?).

Donna Lafortune (center)
as C.W. Moss

Left to right:
Sue, B.J., Donna, Terrea and Stacey.
The Barrow Gang

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