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Terrea Lea, B.J. Moore and Sue Tjulander
On January 8, 2002, B.J. Moore passed on quietly in her sleep.
Sue Tjulander passed away on February 7, 2007.
On January 5, 2013, Terrea Lea passed away quietly in her sleep.
Stacey Lubell passed away on August 10, 2022.

memorial flameWes Alderson passed away in October 2015.
Betty Anderson is a medical case manager for an insurance company in Orange County. In about 1-1/2 years she'll be retiring to an acre of horse property in Tucson, facet gem stones and sell her jewelry inventory to keep busy. She'll make new friends; have pool parties, country western dances, card parties, karaoke, hike and bike to have fun. Betty Anderson
Joan Baker has been been a musician (BA in music), a legal secretary/paralegal, and a Unity minister (before she left Unity to convert to Catholicism). She's now retired, does some internet selling on the side and the occasional wedding and funeral. She's earned a Ph.D. in mystical research from the University of Sedona. She now lives in Tuolumne County, California, where she has lots of new friends, enjoys waking up every single day to a breathtaking view, and is stunned to realize that even a trip to the dump is an exercise in scenery appreciation. Lots to see and do there, but her preference is the opportunity for solitude, silence, and enjoying the sounds and sights of Nature. "I've landed in Paradise," says Joan.
Tom Blackburn III and Christine Blackburn (née Christy Hawkins) met at The Garret. They married in 1967 and have lived in Texas since 1981. They have two children, Thomas IV and Shannon.
memorial flameChristy Blackburn passed away on June 26, 2021.
Tom and Christy Blackburn
Lacy Bosquez has been living with her partner, Sybil, on 15 acres in Oklahoma since 1984. They board horses and raise chickens and Lacy works for Geophysical Research Corporation as an electronics technician.
Liz Burkhart retired from the United States Navy after 22 years of service, finishing up as a Lieutenant Commander in the Medical Service Corps. She lives in New York. Liz Burkhart
Tana Chamberlain is an artist living in the Pacific Northwest.
memorial flameDavid Cramer passed away in March, 2009. David Cramer
Jon Cutler lives and works as a wine and marketing communications writer (and Real Estate broker) in the small town of Sonoma, about 40 miles north of San Francisco. Jon Cutler
Sandy Davis has worked as a Film Editor on many feature films and TV series during the 70's, 80's through 2000. The last show she worked on was Murder She Wrote, which ended in the late 90's. In 2000 She started a non-profit animal rescue organization called Friends for Animals & The Downtown Dog Rescue. Sandy Davis
Diane Gerow (now Corn) is a retired ICU nurse. She lives in Arizona with her husband, Ken.
Mary Lou Green is an Executive Sales Associate with Coldwell Banker Success Realty in Arizona. Previously, she was Marketing Director for Ice Capades and NBC Entertainment. Mary Lou Green
Christy Hawkins (see Blackburn above).
Ceil Hojem, former Hoot Night regular, is a retired postal worker living in Illinois where she plays banjo for local organizations and retirement homes with the band "The Happy Cookers." She recently attained the degree of "College of Regents" in the Women of the Moose, and is also the editor of the local newsletter for the Antioch Moose Lodge. Former Hoot Night attendees may recall her performing her original humorous lyrics: This Land Is Disney's, The Huff'n'Puff Song and The Baldwin Hills Disaster Song while accompanying herself on her ukulele. Ceil Hojem Ceil Hojem
After turning three score and ten in 2018, Jerry Hollombe gave up any hope of finding work and accepted retirement with what little grace he could muster. He keeps busy as webmaster for The Garret and Donut Express and with family responsibilities no one else is willing or able to deal with. He is married to Lydia Uribe. Jerry Hollombe
memorial flameDebbie Kellett received her Ph.D. from Harvard in about 1968 or '69; she went to work for the VA in Boston as a psychologist, and ended up running the whole shebang by the time she retired. She and partner Alice (also Ph.D., in Romance languages, from Harvard) own a period home - 1789 - in Massachusetts. Debbie passed away circa April/May 2011.
Ann Klein is a software engineer, specializing in mainframe programming. She is currently between contracts. Ann Klein
Andrea Konow is an attorney in the homicide unit of the Defender Association of Philadelphia. She and her partner have been together for almost 29 years and they have a 10 year old girl. Andrea Konow
Randa Krakow teaches school in Southern California. Randa Krakow
Donna LaFortune is a teacher in Southern California.
Sheridan Littlefield is retired. She married in 1970 and lives in Southern California in a house her husband (an architect) is restoring to its original 1924 condition.
Leslie Michaels (now Watson) lives in New Mexico with her husband, Dennis. Leslie Watson
Heidi Neprud (now Salzmann) lives in Bremervoerde, a small town in northern Germany, half way between Hamburg and Bremen, where she teaches in a German elementary school. She has two adult sons (28 and 25) from a previous marriage, but has been single for the past 12 years. She does a lot of traveling around Europe and tries to get to California every few years.
Marilyn Noyes has a pet sitting business in Southern California. Marilyn Noyes
Georgia Roser (now Tracy Betancourt) spent a number of years as a bartender in various bars around the Southern California area. She decided to go back to school after floating around in more jobs than she can even remember. She studied Photography and Television Production and Broadcasting, then worked for a number of T.V. shows around the L.A. area doing camera, directing, editing and producing.
Her Father and her friend both passed away within a year of each other so she and her mother moved to Oregon to combine forces. They've now been here for 14 years.
She went to work immediately after arriving there at the ABC affiliate and worked the local news as a floor director for two years. Then she got an offer from the NBC affiliate to produce and direct a half hour magazine format medical show, Adventures In Medicine. She also produced, directed and edited local commercials. She was there for 8 years and is now retired, getting back to her first loves, photography and music.
Georgia Roser (then)Tracy Betancourt (now)
memorial flameLyndia Rubenstein (Lowy) passed away in 2018. Lyndia Lowy
Cathy Singleterry is retired and living in London. Kate and Olive
Jan Vose is retired and living in Georgia. Jan Vose
Morrie Yess became Rabbi Moshe Yess. He passed away January 8, 2011.

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