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A Long, Long Time
A Reason to Believe
A Very Good Year
Acre of Man
All My Sorrows
All The Pretty Little Horses
Ask A Child
Autumn Leaves
Bad Girl
Barbara Allen
Billy Barlowe
Black Is The Color
Blow The Candles Out
Bon Soir Dame
Buffalo Boy
Buy For Me the Rain
Cheatin' Heart
Cherry Tree Carol
Chivalrous Shark
Cockle Shells
Come All Ye Fair
and Tender Ladies
Come Laugh With Me
Come On In
Come Saturday Morning
Come To My Bedside
Copper Kettle
Cruel Woman
Danny Boy
Dhrennen Du Dhrennen
Dink's Song
The Drummer and the Cook
Dublin City
El Cid
Every Night When
The Sun Goes Down
Everywhere I Look
Everybody's Talkin'
Far Side of the Hill
Fare Thee Well
Fast Freight
The Fox
First Time Ever
Froggy Went A'Courtin'
(The Frog and Mouse)
Gently Johnny My Jingalo
Girl in the Wood
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Go 'way From My Window
Gold Wedding Ring
Golden Apples of the Sun
(The Song of
Wandering Aengus)
Green Grows the Laurel
He Only Came Back
To Say Goodbye
He Was Too Good To Me
House of the Rising Sun
How Should I Your
True Love Know
Hullabaloo Belay
Hush Li'l Baby
If I Had A Ribbon Bow
If'n' I Was Your True Love
I Know Where I'm Goin'
I'll Remember April
I'm Goin' Away
I'm Sad and I'm Lonely
I Ride An Old Paint
I Talk To The Trees
It Was A Very Good Year
I Wonder As I Wander
Jack The Sailor
Jennie Jenkins
John Riley
Johnny Guitar
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
Joy, Joy, Joy
Julie Anne
Kate Kearney
The Klan
Ladies' Auxiliary
Lass From The Low Country
Leather Winged Bat
Let Me Love You
Little Wee Croodin' Doo
Lolly Too Dum
Lonesome Town
Lonesome Valley
Long About Now
Long Long Time
Looking Through a Tear
Lord Randall
Love Is A Moment
The Lovers
Mary and Martha
Mary Hamilton
Miss Otis Regrets
My Bonnie Boy
My Boy Willie
My Children Are Laughing
Behind My Back
My Fisherman
My Love Is Like
A Red, Red Rose
Nine Hundred Miles
Once Upon A Yesterday
Once Was
One More Time
On Rosary Hill
On Top of Old Smokey
The Praties They Grow Small
Pig and Inebriate
Rambling Boy
Reason To Believe
Red River Valley
Red Rosy Bush
Rickety Tickety Tin
Riddle Song
Robin Loves Me
San Francisco Bay Blues
Scarlet Ribbons
Sheiling Song
Skinniest Man
So Long, Stay Well
Soldier Soldier
Some Day My Frog
Will Come
Some Day Soon
Sometimes I Feel Like
A Motherless Child
South Coast
Spanish is the
Loving Tongue
St. James Infirmary
Sweet Betsy From Pike
Take My Mother Home
Tam Pierce
Tarry Town
Tell Old Bill
Ten Thousand Miles
Tennessee Waltz
Thank You Stranger
Tick Tock Song
Time of Man
Tom Dooley
Try To Remember
Turkish Reverie
Turn Around
Turtle Dove
Twelfth of Never
Two Brothers
Unchained Melody
Until It's Time
For You To Go
Virgin Mary
Wake Up Jacob
Warfare is Raging
The Water Is Wide
Wayfarin' Stranger
We Live To Love
Weary of the Night
Wee Cooper O' Fife
When The World
Was Young
Where Does It Lead
Who's Gonna Shoe
Willow Tree
Wish I Was
With A No That
Sounds Like Yes
Young Rogers The Miller

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