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This Was The Garret's Last Night

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In the summer of 1971, The Garret closed its doors for the final time. There had been a deal in the works for Bud Dashiel to buy the place and keep it open as a folk music venue, but it fell through at the last minute and never happened.

A few notes about the photos below:

I recently came across these while reviewing and sorting some ancient color slide collections. As I recall, to avoid annoying people and disrupting things, many of the photos were taken without flash, so they tend to be a bit dark. Also, for some reason, many people chose to wear white that night and, unfortunately, that combined with the dark background gave the cheap slide scanner I'm using fits. I did what I could with the results, but many were too washed out to use.

There were many more people there that night than appear in the photos below. If I ever get a better scanner, I'll post a few more pictures of them. I've tried to put names to faces, but it's been forty years and I didn't know everyone to start with. As always, updates and corrections are welcome.

Jerry Hollombe, Webmaster -- March 19, 2011
The Last Night

B.J. Moore and Gretchen Diller behind the bar.

Cheryl Parker at the cash register.

Christine Pyren

Customers around the fireplace.

Hanging out by the kitchen sink.

Jan Vose behind the bar.

Joy Neff and Sue Tjulander at the bar.

Liz Burkhart and Toni Robinson.

Stacey Lubell, Diane Gerow and Terrea Lea.

Diane Gerow, Stacey Lubell, Terrea Lea and Marilyn Noyes around the bar.

Sitting around the stage.
I think the dark haired lady on the right is Wanda Higginbotham. Sorry, other names have fallen out of my head.

Traffic jam.
That door lead to the pay phone, coat rack and ladies' room. Ann Klein in purple with the camera.

Terrea's last set on that stage, tuning up.

Painting by Chris Pyren. Singing the final set.

The last bow.

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