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Where can I find my old friend from The Garret?

I wish I knew. There are a lot of old friends and regulars from The Garret I'd like to hear from, too. This Web site was built with the hope that they would find it and sign the guest book, at least. A few of them have. We can only wait for the rest. If you sign the guest book, it might make it easier for them to find you.

Do you have any photographs of other coffee houses?

Sorry, no.

Sandy Nelson is male. Why is he listed in the "gals" column on the regulars page?

There were two Sandy Nelsons (Sandys Nelson?) at The Garret. Sandy Nelson the male drummer is listed in the "famous" column. Sandy Nelson in the "gals" column is Sandra Jean Nelson, who was definitely female the last time I saw her.

Will you help me build my own Web site?

Can you afford me? While I find these occasional requests flattering, building Web sites and other software is my profession. The Garret's site is a labor of love, but I only have room for one of those in my life right now. My consulting rates start at $50 per hour and go up from there, depending on the nature of the project. Even a relatively simple site like The Garret's takes a lot of hours to design and build, so we're talking thousands of dollars here. If that's not what you had in mind, your best bet is probably to get a WYSIWYG HTML editor and build your site yourself or find an amateur with time on their hands to help you.

(There's also the unfortunate fact of life I learned from my days as a mechanic: Nearly everyone thinks a free tune-up comes with a lifetime labor warranty. Even though you would never adopt such a crass attitude, others have and do, so I no longer give my time away. Sorry about that.)

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