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Many thanks go to all the people listed here. Without their generous contributions of time, resources and materials this Web site would have been much smaller and less interesting. – Webmaster

Gene Turnbow, the owner and sysadmin of, donated the server resources for hosting and developing this Web site as well as his technical expertise as System Administrator for the first four years of the site's life. We will always be very grateful for his efforts and deeply regret that necessity ultimately forced us to move the site to a commercial hosting service.
Terrea Lea, B.J. Moore and especially Sue Tjulander loaned much Garret memorabilia and supplied stories and the names of most of the regulars and staff.
David Corn and his staff at BFM Digital arranged for Terrea's CD Terrea Lea, By Popular Demand and its individual tracks to be available on iTunes.
memorial flameDavid Cramer supplied the icon that marks a Garret page when you put it in the Microsoft Internet Explorer's Favorites list.
Ann Klein loaned her copy of Terrea's Folk Songs and Ballads album, remembered regulars' names and helped with proof reading.
Randa Krakow mailed me copies of her souvenir Garret menu for the scrap book page.
Cathy Singleterry put names to some faces in old photographs.
Lydia Uribe contributed proof reading, an editorial touchstone and general encouragement. She also put up with the Webmaster at the times he became so engrossed in the project that he forgot to eat or sleep.
Bob Clevenger copied Terrea's albums to CDs, which facilitated the creation of the MP3 files of Ask a Child and Dink's Song.
Ashleigh Brilliant kindly donated the use of his Pot-Shot No. 6876 on the regulars page, with the caveat that it is copyright © 1995 and used with permission.
Christy Blackburn searched the Internet and refused to give up until she found a copy of Les Baxter's Balladeers. Tom Blackburn scanned the album's covers, which appear on the discography page, and created a CD of the music.
Big Sam logo.The guest book was originally based on version 1.1.08 of the Big Sam PHP guest book script. It has been extensively modified to fit in with the theme of the Web site and to accommodate server system upgrades.
The memorial flame graphic was created by modifying a GIF file that Google found on the Web site.
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