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Suzanne Tjulander

December 24, 1939 – February 7, 2007

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Sue Tjulander

Suzanne Tjulander

Suzanne Tjulander passed away on February 7, 2007.

In 1975, Suzanne put to paper her thoughts on dying. The passing years did not change her thinking. As you read her words, smile and let us together celebrate a life well lived and well loved. — Terrea Lea

Death is cruel to those who are left.

I hope you would not look at me. I would be manipulated, molded by a professional sculptor who would make you say, "She looks so peaceful" or "She looks like she is sleeping."

Do not have flowers I cannot smell ...
Music I cannot hear.

Mourn me because I brought something to your lives which cannot be replaced.

Believe me ... if there is anything out there ... I will let you know ... and you will know.

— Suzanne

From the North County Times, February 17, 2007:

Suzanne Tjulander passed away February 7, 2007, quite suddenly. She suffered a massive stroke following successful surgery for colon cancer.

She was born in Los Angeles, Calif., December 24, 1939, and lived most of her life in that area. She went to school in Lynwood and moved to Vista, Calif., in 1978.

Suzanne, along with her partner, Terrea Lea and B.J. Moore (deceased in 2002) have served the very popular "mini donuts" of the Donut Express at the Del Mar Fair since 1987 and were referred to as the "Golden Girls."

Suzie was funny, volatile and beautiful, as anyone will tell you. She was generous in all ways and a joy to be around.

Suzanne is survived by her partner of 34 years, Terrea Lea, of Vista, Calif., brother Raymond Tjulander and his wife, Barbara, two nieces, Kristin and Dana, two grandnieces, Shanea and Breeann, (all of Westlake Village, Calif.) and her mother, Louise and stepfather, George Eglinger of Reno, Nev.

Suzanne will be missed by everyone that she has come in contact with all of these years, but most of all by her close friends who will miss her quick and refreshing sense of humor as well as her overwhelming graciousness and generosity.

Terrea Lea, the only surviving "Golden Girl," will try hard to fill the void and continue to carry on the legacy of Suzanne Tjulander and The Donut Express.

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