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On June 8th, 2013, the ashes of Terrea Lea, B.J. Moore and Suzanne Tjulander were scattered at sea in a private ceremony attended by a group of their family and friends.

Memorial Program Cover

Memorial Program

Memorial Program Back

Guest List

Dana Brown

Jess Brown

M.J. DeCarvalho

Kris Dornan

Jeff Fair

Starr Fair

Isolde Fair

Richard Graham

Liz Graham

Jerry Hollombe

Sandy Holmes

Gale Johnson

Loie Johnson

Ann Klein

Stacey Lubell

Brigid O'Brien

Marji Pittman

Christi Pusateri

Andi Shibata

Barbara Tjulander

Raymond Tjulander

Lydia Uribe

Kay Viveros

Mary Lou Wiles

Due to a surprisingly awful case of seasickness, I was unable to speak at the ceremony, so I'm exercising webmaster's privilege to say here what I wanted to say then and there:

Terrea, BJ, Sue and Stacey Lubell gave me a place to be when I couldn't fit in anywhere else. They offered me friendship when I'd given up on ever having friends. I wasn't the only one. A number of us came to them confused, battered, bullied and damaged. They put up with us, our anger and social fumbling, gaffes and mistakes as we tried to sort out our lives and relationships. They gave us a place to heal and a reason. We are all the better for having known them.

We all have stories to tell about our times together, of parties and celebrations and jokes and occasional tragedies and disasters when we did what we could to support each other. It was they who made it all possible and, if I can pay it forward by doing even a tenth as much good for a hundredth as many people, I will not count my life wasted.

 — Jerry Hollombe
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