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Over the years, thousands of people came and went through The Garret's doors. A relative few came and stayed, visiting as often as their lives and schedules allowed (some of us all but lived there). This is a partial list of them, dredged out of 30 year old memories. Any additions and/or corrections will be very welcome. – Webmaster

(Memorial FlameThe memorial flames mark the names of those who have passed on.)

The Gals The Guys The Famous Post-Garret Friends
Adele ?
Ann ?
Babe ?
Eve ?
Eve ?
Joanie ?
Judy ?
Lynn ?
Betty Anderson
Joan Baker
Karen K. Baker
Carolese Bennett
(now Franco)
Debbi Bennett
Jane Bernholz
Lacy Bosquez
memorial flameDuana Boyd
Sandy Burak
Elizabeth "Liz" Burkhart
memorial flameJanice Carroll
Gale Carter
Tana Chamberlain
Nancy Schier Clayton
Greta Couper
Sandy Davis
Maryann del Pozzo
memorial flameGretchen Diller
Maria Dimattia
(now Oneal)
Donnie Donnalan
Toni Dragon
memorial flameFran Fordis
Diana Gagnon
Kathy Galbraith
Diane Gerow
(now Corn)
memorial flameGinny Glass
Sharon Goldenberg
Judy Goldman
Mary Lou Green
Miriam Handler
Kathy Hart
Lynn Hatch
memorial flameChristy Hawkins
(now Blackburn)
Wanda Faye Higginbotham
Lee Hilles
Ceil Hojem
Kay Holder
Janet Jenks
memorial flameCorny Jones
memorial flameDebbie Kellett
Judy Kerkhoff
Aurora King
Stephanie King
(now Lane)
Ann Klein
Andrea Konow
Randa Krakow
Donna Lafortune
Kirsten Lagatree
Sandy Lessner
Sheridan Littlefield
Karen Mahoney
Marge Melvin
Gretchen Moore
Georgia Myers
Tish Musten
memorial flameJoy Neff
memorial flameJudy Neff
Sandy Nelson
Heidi Neprud
(now Salzmann)
Dee-dee Newman
(now Ritter)
Nikki Norris
Marilyn Noyes
Cheryl Parker
Chris Pyren
Laura Rainwater
Brenda Rich
Toni Robinson
Connie Romano
memorial flameLyndia Rubenstein
(now Lowy)
Kitty Scalzo
Mindy Schulman
Barbara Segal
(now Evans)
Nancy L. Segal
memorial flameTerry Sherf
Cathy Singleterry
Carol Smith
memorial flameRenee Stampler
memorial flamePat Stein
Nancy Strebeck
Karen Swain
Sandy Tanenbaum
Cheryl Thomas
memorial flameJan Tobin
Ania Veres
Jan Vose
memorial flameLorna Wall
Andy Weiss
Jackie Whelchel
(now McManus)
Julian West (now Blake)
memorial flameGwen Williams
Margaret Witherspoon
Gloria Wolfe
Jewel Wolfe
memorial flameMary Yelland
Janie Zundel
Big Burt ?
Boris ?
Carlos ?
Ed ?
Frenchie ?
Jimmy ?
Zeke ?
memorial flameWes Alderson
Tom Blackburn
Steve Brown
Steve Burak
Howard Burkhart
John Coté
memorial flameDavid Cramer
Jon Cutler
Mike Davenport
John Degatina
Tony DeLeo
Denny Dunn
Steve Feldman
Johnny Farrell
Stan Gilbert
Kenny Glubin
Jon Gold
Karel Gottlieb
Larry Guzin
memorial flameBob Hamburg
John Hardy
Jim Highland
Jerry Hollombe
Richard P. Huemer
Nino Iturbide
Tom Jablonski
Martin Keyser
Ray Kinnaman
Richard Korber
John Kosecoff
Jerry Lee
Steven Lenenberg
Harris Levey
Chuck Livingston
Lloyd Madansky
Steve Mann
Craig Marckwardt
memorial flameJoe Mayesh
Mark R. Miller
Ralph Oneal
Bill Orenstein
Peter Palmer
Rick Pill
memorial flameGary Pokras
Val Price
Frank P. Reynolds
Clyde "Lucky" Rice
Bob Rich
Russ Richards
John Rogers
Steve Rubin
Manny Sedacca
Ed Segal(PG)
Marcel Shain
Jay Shapiro
Barry Silver
Dan Simmons
memorial flameBritt Spurgeon
Dennis Taylor
Alan Weiss
memorial flameJerry White
Derek Williams
memorial flameHoyt Axton
memorial flameLucille Ball
memorial flameLes Baxter
John Beland
memorial flameTheodore Bikel
memorial flamePhil Campos
Kim Carnes
Cheryl Crane
Barbara Dane
Drew Daniels
memorial flameBud Dashiell
Kenny Bob Davis
memorial flameTravis Edmonson
Rik Elswit
Heather Evans
Gale Garnett
Harvey Gerst
Lenny Grant
Dave Guard
Paul Hansen
Judy Henske
memorial flameRock Hudson
memorial flameJoyce James
memorial flameNorm Kaplan
Roberta Kent
Michael King
Mike Kollander
Michelle Lee
Gordon Lightfoot
memorial flameTony Mafia
Jo Mapes
Lou Marcel
Martha Marcel
Cheech Marin
memorial flamePamela Mason
memorial flameMarilyn Maxwell
Rod McKuen
Sandy Nelson
memorial flameBrigid O'Brien
Art Podell
Paul Potash
Clyde D. "Lucky" Rice
Kenny Rogers
memorial flameRuth Roman
memorial flameDick Rosmini
memorial flameBob Runyan
Esther Shapiro
Frank Sinatra Jr.
Randy Sparks
Connie Stevens
Sally Struthers
memorial flameClaire Walters
memorial flameStan Wilson
Morrie Yess
Jerry Yester
Jim Yester
memorial flameM.J. DeCarvalho
Marci Perkins

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